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Whole Brain Activation 

...alternate nostril breathing.

I want to share with you a whole brain activation technique that I learnt from a Baba in Goa. A Sādhu or Baba is the name for a holy man in India. They lead a very simple life shunning the complexities of modern life in favour of a spiritual path.

Most of the people who trekked through the jungle to see the Baba, brought him a gift (food and drink that he shared with everyone), then they sat there for a few minutes and left without speaking with him.

Baba doesn’t talk unless you ask him a question, but when you do ask him a question he will talk and has many answers for you. I spent a considerable time talking with him (five hours), asking him questions, talking, sharing ideas and even doing some NLP with him! Now I want to share this simple exercise with you.

Whole Brain Activation Breathing Technique:

1) First you close your left nostril with one finger and breath in through the right nostril.

2) Then you close the right nostril and open the left and breath out through the left nostril. Once you have fully exhaled, breath in through the left nostril.

3) Then close off the left nostril and breath out through the right nostril, and breathing in through the right nostril, swap sides again repeating for 15 to 20 times.

Baba explained that sometimes when he wakes (before dawn) he still feels he is half asleep and that this simple breathing technique wakes up the both sides of the brain. Breathing through the right nostril activates the left side of your brain, and when you switch to the right side you activate the left side of your brain.

This whole brain exercise is one designed to really wake you up for the day. I know because I’ve been doing it when I wake, to fully energise and wake me up. Fifteen to twenty times in the morning is enough to blow away the cobwebs and wake you up right up for a more productive day.

For thousands of years Indian Baba's believed that many diseases are connected to disturbed nasal breathing.

These easy to do, simple breathing techniques, Pranayama is Sanskrit, prana, meaning "life force," and ayama, meaning "extension."

Benefits of Alternate Nostril Breathing:

Improves whole brain function

Cleans your lungs

Promotes a calmer emotional state

Improves restorative sleep

Great before for meditation

Calms nervous system

Enhances rest and relaxation

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  • Frank Doll

    Reply Reply

    Thanks for this. I was honestly laying here in bed thinking – I am so groggy. Have clients on the way and man, do I not want to get up. So I grabbed my phone to check my email. Yours was the 3rd one down. Lucky me. I’m up now. Wide awake. It really works. Thank you for yet another pearl of wisdom. You never fail to deliver.

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply


      It’s such a good technique and really works… also it was great fun learning it from the Baba.

      Glad you enjoyed Frank Doll ?

  • Ivory E. Mobley

    Reply Reply

    I work nights and when I wake its already time to prepare for my shift.
    I’ve felt groggy and foggy repeatedly; I decided to check my emails prior to my daily preparations and I found this email.
    I have briefly used this and results were very helpful.
    I feel clear and open to giving and receiving throughout the day.

    Thanks again for your insight.


    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply

      Hey Ivory,

      That’s great. I enjoy this breathing technique each morning for a few minutes before I stretch and warm up for the day. I think it’s great…

      I’m glad you enjoyed 🙂

  • SS Reddy Sangana

    Reply Reply

    Hi John!

    Thanks a lot. I have been into this Pranayama for the last 6 months and definitely, there is a certain calmness in me now, where as earlier, i was a little grumpy most of the time. I also do ‘SUDARSHAN KRIYA’ develoed and taught at ART OF LIVING’ centers across. ‘Doing Sudarshan Kriya’ at least 3/4 days in a week helps in releasing toxins, and improving ina number of ways.

    Thanks and best regards,
    SS Reddy Sangana

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply

      Thanks great to hear about your positive results with Pranayama. The Art of Living centers are doing some amazing work.

      Thank you for your inspiring comment 🙂

  • Giovanni

    Reply Reply

    Hi John,
    A big thanks for sharing this with us
    l’ve read something about nostril breathing
    m one of my courses from Nightingale-Conant,
    and found it interesting.
    You are bringing us one BIG step further.
    Thanks for the free download.
    Excellent awakened day to you.
    P. s. | will do this breathing with my son for the next days
    and will keep you informed how things workout

  • Mia

    Reply Reply

    Thanks john have been using different breathing but not this one, so will add it to my routine.

  • Ramachandran KK

    Reply Reply

    This is an awesome article and very useful to everyone who are looking for a better life in the world. Thank U, Thank U, Thank U so much.

    May the Universe bless U with everything.

    Thank U again – With warm wishes and retgards – KK Ramachandran, Coimbatore, India.

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply

      Thank you.

      This is something that sets me up for the day ahead.

      Its wonderful to be able to share it with so many amazing beautiful people ?

  • Assan

    Reply Reply

    I have this foggy feeling in the morning and it takes me hours to get alert for my day schedules. But i think i have finally found the key to unlock the door to start my day on full gear.
    Thank you.

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply

      Great. That’s exactly what the Baba said to me, sometimes he wakes with a fog in his mind… It’s wonderful to hear you have found such value in this 🙂

  • Gokulraj Kannan

    Reply Reply

    Thank you so much for this document John, I’m sure this technique will help me to develop my brain function and also my life style, I have no words to thank you because I’m getting lots of positive vibration from you.

    Thanks again John,

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply

      Hi Gokulraj,

      Thank you for your comment and kind words ?

      It is an amazing technique, I was using it in the fresh December air of the UK, now I have returned to India and am using this breathing technique on the beach…

      Its an amazing way to start the day, glad you enjoy.


  • Sshankar

    Reply Reply

    I consider your work a yeomen service to humanity. Wished many would read your blog and get the best of them. Thank you so much You and Neeraj are wonderful God sent beings. Great work, keep it up.

  • Cheryl

    Reply Reply

    I love anything you can do for yourself and I love breathing lol I notice that my right nostril seems a little blocked, not as much air getting in. I do breath right down to my belly though so it is a big breath when I do it.
    Thanks for everything you are doing.

    Namaste. and big hugs.

  • Rosemarie

    Reply Reply

    Thank you for sharing. Learnt of this through yoga but didn’t know the full benefits. Will definitely make it a daily routine.

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply

      Hi Rosemarie, the power of breathing is something I’ve been exploring for a while now… Wim Hof (the Ice Man) uses breathing techniques to conquer extreme cold, boost his immune system and so much more…
      if you haven’t seen my blog post after meeting Wim and training with him check it out: and his free videos about his system of breathing are eye opening ?

  • Rebecca

    Reply Reply

    I learned this technique a while ago, fantastic results! Thank you for posting it! I love all you do John, and you are the one person who’s voice gets me into a deep hypnotic state! Many thanks’

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