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Wake-Up With Gratitude

I’ve got an AMAZING strategy for you if you struggle to jump out of bed in the morning, headlong into the day this will make a HUGE difference.

It came from a really successful New Yorker who now lives a passion filled life in Costa Rica.

It’s strategy for waking-up with Gratitude… And I LOVE it!

So I made a short video for you so you can use this strategy too.

In fact when you practice it daily (in bed as you wake up) and it becomes a habit… whoa it’s going to make a BIG difference 🙂

and if you use this with my ‘Wake-up Happy mp3’ (free download here), mornings are going to be 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wake-Up Happy

This wake-up track starts at zero volume and gently fades in with up beat music and powerful hypnotic/motivational affirmations to help you wake-up Happy (trust me this will put a smile on your face).

Simply Download it and put it on your phone, then select it as the ‘tone’ that you use for your alarm clock. Set your alarm for 3 minutes before you want to wake up and this track will wake you up gently and happily…

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    Wake Up Happy

    Happiness is a state of mind. Rather than suddenly being woken up from a deep sleep, now you can wake up gently, with a smile on your face and maybe even a laugh, now you can Wake up Happy

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  • Mary

    Reply Reply 20th July 2017

    yes yes yes. I NEED this! Will do it tomorrow and report back. Thanks for sharing x

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply 20th July 2017

      Awesome, looking forward to hearing about your experience… 😊

      • Mary

        Reply Reply 21st July 2017

        It was a wonderful way to wake up. I started my day with gratitude 🙂

        • John Vincent

          Reply Reply 21st July 2017

          Wonderful to hear 😊
          The thought patterns of the successful… Mental strategies of success… Glad you enjoyed

  • Brian

    Reply Reply 21st July 2017

    Thanks for sharing John

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply 21st July 2017

      Awesome, glad you enjoyed… it’s an amazing way to start your day 😊

  • Elisa

    Reply Reply 21st July 2017

    Wonderful John. Blessings

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply 21st July 2017

      Thank you Elisa, your day will be full of gratitude 😊 peace John

  • Teja

    Reply Reply 22nd July 2017

    Love it, John, thank you!:)

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply 23rd July 2017

      Hey Teja, glad you like this, it’s a great way to wake up and start your day.
      Thank you for commenting 🙂

  • Jana

    Reply Reply 3rd August 2017

    My mornings are amazing,….. thank You.

    • John Vincent

      Reply Reply 6th September 2017

      Awesome thanks for letting us know 🙂
      Its a great strategy and so simple… like all the best.

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