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Stepping into a New You...

Physical Training is and effort.

Now plenty of people love that. And thats great.

I LOVE ‘training’ or ‘practice’ (my Yoga practice), there is effort involved and time.

Mental Training is EVEN Harder than Physical Training.

BUT IT CAN BE FUN… Effortless and Enjoyable

With the combination of Music and Guided, Closed Eye Processes, Mental Programming/Training becomes easy… and very, very effective.

Today I want to GIVE you this simple effective way of retraining your brain.

Plus this effective technique can be used inside Hypnosis. Or a Guided Meditation and is especially effective inside an NLP Timeline Process.

You can do it right now and reprogram your mind. In seconds!

Ok, wait…. in seconds?

That sounds a little over the top right? When you think about a fear of heights that got installed in seconds when your older brother pretended to push you over a cliff… or that phobia of dogs, because one dog bit you, one time… it’s easy to see how powerful learnings and patterns of behaviour get installed in seconds.

Then each time you think that thought you re-enforce the pattern. This mental exercise gives you more control of your automatic actions and behaviours… so you create more patterns and pathways in your brain that are what you want. 

After performing cosmetic surgery, Dr Maxwell Maltz (author of Psycho-cybernetics) noticed some of his clients confidence,self esteem and levels of happiness didn’t change. He concluded that they were ‘scared on the inside’. It wasn’t the outside that needed changing, but something on the inside. He designed a series of exercises to help them.

Greatly updated and streamlined, I’m happy to bring to you this effective technique for change. Follow along below and remember to let me know how you get on 🙂

1 Think of a specific situation that you want to be different in. i.e confident talking to strangers, or meeting new people.

2 Close your eyes and imagine yourself in that situation, acting the way you want to be. Pay attention to how different you look, how you move, sound, feel etc.

3 Step into that new you (physically take a step forward), hold yourself the way that the new you stands… feel the ‘vibe’, the rhythm, notice posture and breathing changes… notice how different you feel and think… look at the world from this new point of view.

Remember, this is in your mind. You can be as big as possible, bigger and larger than real life… push the boundary, expand your mindset… because as you know, your unconscious mind doesn't know the difference.   

4 From this new perspective (with all the good feelings of being more), imagine seeing a new you, in a similar situation… with even more of those qualities you want more of. Feel really good and drawn towards that you… enjoy

5 Come on back out… open your eyes and repeat… now, later, or both.

Let Go of What Stops You from Being Great

When you create a New You and start seeing results happen in the areas you want to make change in, you may start to become aware that there are things holding you back.

Typically these 'things' that stop you, are not really real things… they are ‘thoughts’ that seem real. 

Ask anyone about something they believe… they believe to to be real.

This food is spicy… yet the next person may find it very mild. It’s not a property of the food, its the belief about (your experience of) the food. 

I can’t ______ (insert limitation), because ______ (insert belief). It’s not real, it only seems and feels real… and when it appears and feels real, the results are real.

Let Go of Limiting Beliefs and Blocks.

Because you know you’re stopping yourself with certain thought patterns, you know you can change. Simply and easily with a combination of Music, NLP and Dynamic Hypnosis.

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What's the New You?

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  • Fran

    Reply Reply 15th February 2018

    the new me is more relaxed and less worried about everything. thanks x

    • John

      Reply Reply 15th February 2018

      Awesome Fran 🙂

  • James

    Reply Reply 15th February 2018

    Die Philosophie des Als Ob… The Philosophy of ‘As if’.

    Great nlp technique, the As If frame. this is also an important part of the Law of Attraction.

    • John

      Reply Reply 15th February 2018

      Yes… i

      and it can also be used in any context…

      “Ok, so lets proceed from here ‘as if’ we’ve both agreed on this… what would you have to hear to be happy to close this deal?”

      “Imagine ‘as if’ Lisa was here… what you would do?”


  • Jeff

    Reply Reply 16th February 2018

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I did this and it helped so much.

    • John

      Reply Reply 16th February 2018

      Awesome. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Great to hear.

  • Beth

    Reply Reply 16th February 2018

    I have tried so hard, for so long, to eliminate the limiting beliefs I have. They are destroying my life and my livlihood. I have surrendered it all to God, I have acknowledged the discouragement and am trying to heal it but it remains. I do not know what keeps blocking it.

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