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Words of Power

Words of Necessity, Possibility & Words of Positivity

Words Have Power. A lot of power. I’m a hypnotist, I know, words are one of our main tools.

Lets take a look at a class of words called: Modal Operators. Ok, complex name, I know, but the idea is simple, keep reading.

Say this to yourself:

“I have to change this habit…” How does it make you feel?

Or try something personal to you: “I ‘have to’ get good at…”, “I ‘have to’ learn…”, “I ‘have to’ make…” etc.

These are similar words… try them out: “I must…”, “I’ve got to…”, “I need to…”, “I should…”. These are called ‘Necessity Words'. Because it’s imperative that you do the action, they are necessary, there is no choice, you have to!

How does this class of words make you feel when you say them?

Now try shifting from these ‘Necessity Words' to ones of possibility: ‘Possibility Words’.

“I could change this habit” How different does that feel?

“I might change”, “Its possible I’ll change”, “I can change”, “Maybe I’ll change”

How much freer does this type of word make you feel when you say it?

Now let’s go for the 'Juicy' ones… the 'Proactive Positive Words of Power'

“I’m looking forward to changing this habit”

“I’m loving the idea of changing”, “I like changing”, “I want to change”, I’m happy to change”, “I’m excited to change”, “I love changing”

How different do these words make you feel? Can you take a ‘have to’, and make it a ‘possible to’, or even better a ‘love to’ or ‘excited to’?

The words we use on ourselves program us and reinforce thought patterns we have. When they're reinforcing limiting beliefs and negative patterns they limit you and well they need to be changed. The good news it they can be changed… and I’m sure you’d be excited to change them.

Listen out for the times you ‘have to’, ‘must’, ‘got to’, ‘should’ and change them to either a possibility 'could’, ‘can’, ‘might’, ‘will’ or better yet, change them to proactive positive words of power… ‘love to’, ‘excited to’ and notice how it changes your thinking and feeling.

Think about when others use it on you… “you have to do this”, “You must do what I say…” do you get annoyed… because they're not very elegant with language. Could you respond differently if you imagined they were saying “you’d love the results of doing this”, or “You can do this if you want to help me…” how different would that make you feel?

Words have a lot of Power. How are you using these hypnotic words of persuasion on yourself? How are others using them on you? And how are you using them on others…

These kind of ‘Necessity Words' can cause an action paralysis, lack of motivation… and quite simply they can sap your energy and cause you to put off doing things. Causing you to procrastinate where you really want to take action... 

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