The SoBeing Process

Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

YOU becoming the Conscious Architect of your Thoughts. Consciously Shaping Your Future...

Simple Holistic 3 Step Approach

Releasing & Letting Go of the things holding you back. Ridding yourself of fears, worries, anxieties and doubts. Banishing negative self-talk and all the things that are blocking your path to Wealth, Health, Happiness and Abundance.


“The emotion that puts things in motion.” Appreciating the good in your life. Celebrating the successes you do have. And building more to be Grateful for. Maximising the Now, becoming the ‘Advancing Person’, giving everyone you meet the 'Impression of Increase'.

Creating a future you are drawn towards… Supercharging your life. Living more Abundantly, Passionately, Happily, a life more aligned with who you really are. This is You designing the future you want. Focusing your Clear Mental Image (CMI), setting your Reticular Activation  System (RSA), Becoming the Conscious Architect of Your Future.

"The Spirit of Being is about nourishing your mind, body and soul. Giving you the energy to release blocks,
empowering you forward and helping you leap into a new more exciting chapter of your life!"

Releasing & Letting Go...

Banish Fears, Worries, Doubts and more. They don’t help you, they hold you back and stop you from achieving more of the life you desire.

This is the big things... and the day to day things. The Limiting Beliefs you've carried around with you for years... and the smaller stuff like losing those last few pounds, or making time to exercise again, to self doubt and money worries. None of that helps you be a better you.

Releasing & Letting Go of the things you worry about and that limit you, makes space for you to build and create a more abundant future for you and those around you.

Step #1 is moving on from the past, so you can Appreciate and Maximise the Now and start creating your Future Fantastic.

Being Grateful… Enjoying Where You Are Right Now!

The benefits of starting your day with the feelings of Abundance & Gratitude are scientifically PROVEN.

Gratitude is the Emotion that Puts Things in Motion! The more you are grateful, the more you have to be grateful for, and so it builds...

You, Maximising Right Now, recognising, celebrating and enjoying where you are, what you do have and who you share your time with. With your Reticular Activation System (RSA) focused on what you want more of... your Eyes wide Open to Opportunities, the Impression of Increase oozing from your very being.

This is You with more Gratitude, the Advancing Person of Increase.

Consciously Creating a Future You're Drawn Towards.

Welcoming untold wonder into your life... Consciously Creating more of the Life you want to experience.

It's Your Future... What Do You Want?

  • What Things do you want more of in your life?
  • Who do you want to spend more time with… what kind of people?
  • What Places do you want to spend more of your time?
  • What Activities do you want to spend more of your time doing?

Once You've Let Go, with Deep Gratitude in Your Heart and Started Building a Bigger, Brighter Future... Life Changes!

You can have more time with the People you want to spend time with, in the Places you want to be, doing the Activities you love, having more of the Things you want more of in your life, following this Simple 3 Step protocol that gets results! 

With the Spirit of Being: Manifest Your Perfect Reality. Create Your Perfect Health and Body. Attract More Abundance into Your Life. Making Your Resolutions and Desires Reality... Effortlessly Achieving Your Goals, Living a More Aligned and Purposeful Life.

Using Proven Modalities for Changing you Mind, Body and Spirit

State of the art Hypnotic Processes and Self-Hypnosis.

The latest Psychological Techniques - from the toolkit of NLP. 

Guided Visualization and Meditation Practices and More...

To Release the Past. Appreciate the Now & Maximise Your Current Opportunities. Consciously Creating the Future You Desire and are Drawn Towards.

Gain a Heightened Awareness and More Control with the Short-Cut to Becoming a Better You

Hypnosis: Bypassing the Critical Thinking Part of the Brain

Hypnotic is a powerful modality for interventions to make rapid lasting change. And you'll learn an amazing set of simple, yet effective Self-Hypnosis techniques to Consciously Create Change Yourself.

Hypnosis is a way to gain more control over your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. It’s a way to bypass your limiting beliefs and the short cut to becoming a better you. Cutting straight through the 'mental chatter' to your subconscious and effortlessly reprogramming your mind your the life you desire.

Going deep into your subconscious, cutting through the 'mental chatter’, letting go of limiting beliefs, revealing hidden talents, new ideas and increasing abilities that you didn't have access to before. Effortlessly reprogramming your mind for more health, wealth and happiness.

The proven results of hypnosis speak for themselves and are used by: Successful Entrepreneurs, Hollywood Celebrities, Professional Athletes, Musicians, the list just goes on and on. With over a 25 year record of creating positive breakthroughs and life transformations in peoples lives, John Vincent will be working with you in small groups to ensure you experience huge shifts in your life too.

NLP is like the Owners Manual for YOUR Brain that you never got given at birth.

NLP: Get What You Want,
When You Want

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of communication skills and techniques… it's a way of taking control of your own internal programming. If you have fears that control you or limiting beliefs that hold you back… You don’t have to accept them.

NLP is the fastest way to changes behaviours, habits and more. And with this tool-kit of step by step NLP techniques and skills, you will move forward and achieve results you never dreamed of. 

What Can NLP Do For Me?

Behaviours: Instantly change behaviours and habits that hold you back

Emotions: Don’t let them rule you, gain deeper control and master your emotions

Relationships: Enhance your relationships with family, friends and colleagues

Problems: Overcome difficulties, gain clarity & focus, and make better decisions

Motivation & Confidence : Motivate yourself and boost your confidence

Gain a Heightened Awareness and More Control with the Short-Cut to Becoming a Better You

Visualization & Meditation Powerful Tools for Well-Being

You don't have to be an expert at reading ECG scans to SEE the difference between the before and after images of meditation here.

Your Brain Waves Change When You Meditate!

The effects of meditation on your body and the changes that happen in your brain have been scientifically proven. They have been utilized for centuries, by many cultures... long before science was the mainstream.

Go Deep with Guided Meditations and Visualisations Processes. Creating mental clarity and stillness, bringing your mind, body and spirit into balance. Maximising the breakthroughs and benefits you experience on this transformational week.

What People Are Saying About: The Spirit of Being

"John I really feel that with the process you have designed here you have come up with such an effective syntax, for re wiring the brain and creating a shift in thought, state, and ultimately in the behaviour that results from that shift.

Your approach meets the fundamental criteria of alchemy."

Daniel B

John's sessions drifted me into a state of deep hypnosis and meditative state, detoxing my mind. As a result, all unease I had vanished, and transformation started. ‘Strange coincidences’ already started to happen!! It is magic! As you described! I am soooo happy!

Teresa S

"I am genuinely passionate about helping you." 

SoBeing at it’s CORE is about helping you have a Better Life. Living more abundantly, passionately and happily. Living a life more aligned with who you really are.

This is YOU becoming the conscious architect of your thoughts. Allowing you to shape your own future in line with your desires and getting more of what you want from life.

A collection of Mind-Set Tools using the latest psychological principles, wisdom almost as old mankind itself… Hypnosis, Meditation and the origins of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

"After all these years I’ve found the perfect way to create a transformational experience and keep it at a price anyone can afford"

Your unconscious mind is a power house of possibility. It truly is a force to be reckoned with!

With the right mindset, consciously creating a future you are drawn towards becomes effortless. It's Your Future... What Do You Want?

What People are Saying About John's Work

“Just wanted to email and say the webinar last night was amazing awe inspiring and right on my enlightened path to health wealth & happiness.”

Michael Smith a.k.a Mooky Musik

“Your sessions were amazing. What I can tell you is that your sessions changed something inside me. I don't behave in the same way anymore. I am much more confident, and see problems in a completely different way. Thank you! a lot!”

Teresa S

"I was struck by the level of expertise and in-depth knowledge of NLP that John has as he effortlessly carries out interventions and is a master of the use of language and the NLP toolbox to effect change."

Rose E

"In all my time working with people and helping them make personal breakthroughs I had never seen anything work as fast as John can.”

The Renegade Pharmacist Niraj Naik.

“I have been very busy and productive.. I am now further now in my business within a pace of 2 days than it was in a week all thanks to your strategy and motivational works.  I will continue to follow all your techniques as they are so beneficial."

Chris C

"John I really feel that with the process you have designed here you have come up with such an effective syntax, for re wiring the brain and creating a shift in thought, state, and ultimately in the behaviour that results from that shift. Your approach meets the fundamental criteria of alchemy."

Daniel B

The SPIRIT of BEING: 3 Steps for Change

A Simple Holistic 3 Step Approach for More Freedom to Enjoy Your Life

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